Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Air Charter?

Chartering an aircraft means, literally, renting an aircraft and pilot to take you where you want to go, when you want to go.  Safety, security, convenience and added productivity are key reasons why individuals and companies choose air charter.


Where do you fly?

With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in the United States and Canada, air charter can get you closer to your final ground destination.  In comparison, commercial airlines are restricted to roughly 500 airports.


How much does it cost and how do I book a flight?

Please call (920) 884-3018, email us at, or use our online charter quote request form to get a quick and easy quote.


What information should I have when calling to book a charter flight?

Considerations when booking charter will typically include:

  1. What city do I want to depart from and where am I going?
  2. Which airport would I like to land at?
  3. Will there be any intermediate stops?
  4. How many people will be traveling with me?
  5. Will I need ground transportation arranged?
  6. Will I need any special catering for my flight?


Are pets allowed on your charter aircraft?

Yes, we encourage passengers to include their pets when they travel on our aircraft.  Kennels may be used but are not required.


Do you serve food and beverage on your flights?

Soft drinks, bottled water, beer, liquor and snacks are provided on all flights at no charge—feel free to mention specific requests when booking your flight.  Any type of special catering can be provided with prior arrangements for an additional fee.


Are these aircraft safe?

Yes.  The FAA closely monitors operators to make sure that they conform to the established standards of performance.  Our employees are highly experienced charter pilots and flights are operated with two-pilot crew for added safety.  Pilots are required to undergo frequent training and take an FAA checkride every six months.  Simulator training takes place on a recurrent basis to ensure a high level of safety and proficiency.


When does it make sense to use Air Charter?

When you have several places to go but very little time, if there are multiple passengers traveling, if your destination is not a major airline hub, or when the airline’s schedules just don’t fit into your business schedule, air charter is the better choice.  Charter provides the ability to arrive at airports much closer to your final destination and to travel on your schedule instead of the airline’s schedule.  Inconvenient airline schedules, delays and cancellations cause additional travel expenses that aren’t incurred when you fly charter, such as overnight hotel stays, rental cars, or overpriced last minute ticket purchases.  Before you compare the costs of airline travel to air charter, consider the time and money you’ll save on overnight expenses—hotels, meals and car rental – and factor in the inconveniences you often face with the scheduled airlines: lost/delayed baggage, missed connections, cramped seating and oversold flights.