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Better Than First Class

Customize Your In-flight Amenities

Advantages of Chartering a Private Plane

Time Efficient:

No early check-ins, missed connections, long lines or layovers.  You travel with your belongings so there is no waiting at your destination for luggage or worrying about lost bags.

Great Value:

Minimizes overnight accommodations, car rentals and the cost of lost productivity.  You have the ability to meet and work in privacy en-route.


We will work with you to ensure your travel itinerary is tailored to fit your needs.


Commercial airlines fly to only 500 of the largest airports in the world.  Charter flights can land at more than 5,000 airports!  You will be closer to your destination, in less time and effort.


Private aircraft are held to the same stringent safety and maintenance regulations as commercial aircraft.


Fly in a better than first class environment—without having to share the experience.  You have the ability to customize your in-flight amenities and catering.

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